ZWave Configuration Parameters out of sync

After I upgraded openhab from 2.2 to 2.4 my configuration parameters are out of sync. All my Fibaro 222 rolershutters have toggle switches and correctly work but openhab tells me that configuration parameter 14 is set to “momentary switches”.

I am also not able to set parameter 1 (Local Protection) to “Local Protection Active”. Any change is just ignored.

Is this a know issue in 2.4? If it is - can I use a 2.5 binding and where do I get this?

Alternatively - can I force openhab to reread the configuration from the device?

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Hi Andre, you can get the 2.5 Snapshot binding here:

thanks a lot. Will give it a try at a suitable time. I somehow have to manage the FAF (Family acceptance factor) and minimize downtimes :slight_smile:

I am running yesterday’s 2.5 snapshot binding on 2.5M1 with no issues.
I needed the newer version to support my devices.

I think, I am not 100% sure but I think between 2.2 and 2.4 there were extensive enough changes to the zwave binding that the upgrade requires deleting and re-adding all your zwave things so that new channels and such are created using the new binding


Please note the breaking changes and follow the steps in this post:

That’s right. I have written a lua script which does this task:

Delete things and memorize name and location.
Scan for new things
Add things and change name and location

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If I want to recreate an xml from scratch … Is this the right approach?

  1. Delete thing
  2. Stop openhab
  3. Delete xml
  4. Start openhab
  5. Search for things
  6. Add thing

Sorry if this is trivial. I just want to make sure I don’t screw up my setup.

According to @chris in another thread, I think you just need to delete the thing & re-add it.

In fact, that is what he put in bold in one of the earlier links. Did you not read those instructions?

Nothing is trivial, keep asking questions!! thats why we’re here!!!

Really, I would not recommend deleting the XML - it’s an internal file used by the system and it’s not recommended to just delete it.

If parameters are out of sync, the system will attempt to re-read them on each startup. All “dynamic” data is read when the binding starts to ensure the binding has the most up to date information. If you delete the XML, then all the static information also has to be re-read which can take some time.

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I read and and followed the instructions.

Thanks for all the answers and help!

I have now installed the 2.5 snapshot binding. Using “device initialize” I was able to force a reread of parameters and those now show the correct settings.