Zwave configuration parameters

I have a growing number of fibaro door/window sensors.
(10 at the moment).

Should changes of zwave-configuration parameters be broadcasted ‘over
the mesh’?

At the moment i put my stick into my laptop and walk from window to window
to change parameters using usbip (USB over IP, which works great btw.)
is this really necessary?
Or should a wakeup of the device retrieve configuration changes over the mesh?

The zwave devices in my network all pickup configuration changes as they wakeup. The first thing I would check though is the wakeup setting, I’ve found that some devices have default setting of 1 day, which isn’t very helpful but does conserve battery. If you have OH perform a soft reset over night then you may find that you configuration changes are dropped from the queue at the time of the reset.

At the very least i would change the default wakeip to be half a day. Things like Thermostats I have then set to every hour.