Zwave controller is unlinked

I rebooted my pc and openhab2 updated. Once again you guys broke my setup. Thanks :slight_smile: Not good for the wife appreciation factor.

But i managed to get all zwave nodes online and connected again. I even managed to get 2 button presses to work before it died again.
I don’t want to start over again because the buttons are a real hassle to get connected to Openhab2.

I believe that it is the controllers channel link that is now missing from the Z-Wave Serial Controller. All of them are unlinked.

So the question is what do i need to link them to.?

Hi @Simon_Bjornes,

(imho) you don’t really need these channels… they are used for statistics of the Z-Wave network

To link these channels, you can either use simple mode in your Paper UI and just click on the round button next to their description (this will auto create items and the associated links)


manually create and link the relevant items

See the first example here:


I guess you missed this announcement…

Remember that OH2 is still developing, so watch out for breaking changes like this…

Do you guys know if there is any way to turn off auto update in the online version?

No mater how you put this it is not ok to break a system like Openhab that som people use to control there entire house. A clear warning would be in place before something like this is done.

I didn’t actually know that there was an auto update in place? Maybe it’s a feature of apt-get or whatever package system you’re using?

If you’re using OH in a production system, maybe you should consider OH1 which is stable, or at least use a stable release of OH2. If you use the nightly snapshot, then it will have the latest, and sometimes not so ‘greatest’ additions.

If you want a static OH2, then I’d suggest to use beta4 and avoid snapshots.

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