ZWave controller Leviton VRCS4-MRZ issues

I’m using a VRCS4-MRZ 4-button controller with relay, and I’m having a few issues that I’m wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on fixing.

  1. It’s ID 1302:0243 which is currently in the database as VRCS4-M0, I’m not sure what the differences between the M0 and MRZ are, but I thought I’d mention this anyways in case it’s relevant.

  2. It shows up as two separate zwave devices, one for the controller and one for the relay. Both show up with the same ID, but the controller side shows up as BASIC_TYPE_STATIC_CONTROLLER + GENERIC_TYPE_GENERIC_CONTROLLER, whereas the relay device shows up as BASIC_TYPE_SLAVE + GENERIC_TYPE_SWITCH_BINARY. The binding is adding them both with just the scene_number channel though (I’m guessing because they have the same ID), so I’m unable to control the relay at all.

  3. The device uses the Scene Actuator Configuration Report command to update its state about which scene is currently active, which makes the LEDs on the unit light up appropriately. I can’t figure out how to send this, or even if it’s possible currently? I tried just setting scene_number but that doesn’t seem to send any zwave traffic at all. Without support for this, if OH turns the lights in a scene on, the controller doesn’t realize it, so to then turn them off with the controller button requires two presses, one to get it in sync with reality then a second to turn everything off.

Any assistance with this would be much appreciated! I’m moving over from another HA system and this is the last significant device that I don’t have working properly.