[zwave] Coolcam sirene / configuration changes on the fly possible?

I just ordered the following device:


Which was already in the database at:


It is quite some fun and has some nice ringtones, but I was wondering can we change configuration on the fly using openhab & zwave module and some rules.

I would really like to change the parameter “This parameter can be selected between ALARM MUSIC and DOOR BELL music.”

That way I could use it both as an alarm and as a doorbell, any chances there?

@chris wdyt?

Any solution was found for this? The same use case comes to my mind.

It doesn’t look like anyone has updated the database, but it’s perfectly doable by adding a channel linked to the respective parameter. The channel type is config_decimal, and it needs a configuration option of “parameter=” and the parameter ID…

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I’ve tried to add item base on this instruction:

as follows:

Switch Siren_Switch "Syrena switch" <alarm>  {channel="zwave:device:69348d40:node19:switch_binary"}
Number Siren_Config "Syrena config" <sound>  {channel="zwave:device:69348d40:node19:config_decimal"}

and in sitemap:

    Text label="Syrena" {
        Default item=Siren_Switch
        Setpoint item=Siren_Config minValue=1 maxValue=2 step=1

However, changing Siren_Config does not seem to have any effect. Do i need to import somehow config file into openhab2 to make it working?
I can not see any reference to this channel in:

$ cat /var/lib/openhab2/zwave/node19.xml | grep CONFIG

I could not find any way to importing this config.

Correct channel definition is like:


where X is the parameter you want to use.

Unfortunately it is not possible (yet) to change config parameters if zwave things are defined via text file.
You need to define your zwave device thing via HABmin (or PaperUI).

Do you actually see the channel in the UI? I don’t think that this is currently included in the binding yet…

I do no see it there:

Is it possible to include it, before it’s officially added to the binding?

Not easily. I do plan to update the binding tonight or tomorrow morning, then it will be included in the latest snapshot.

Thanks! No rush, i will wait patiently :slight_smile: