Zwave copy configuration


I try to copy my zwave configuration from Domoticz to my new OH2.

I buy a new usb key and install the binding Zwave, but I don’t find the option to learn the configuration from another Zwave Adaptater.

After when all are stable I switch the Master role to OH2.

Thx all

It won’t work like that. ZWave config is stored in the (primary) controller and devices keep talking to it.
Move that over to your OH2 box.

But If I move the key on my OH2, I lost my Domoticz configuration and I have a lot of rules to move before.
In Domoticz I have a button “Send the configuration to another bridge”.

I use this process in the pass to move From Smartthings to Domoticz.

I have also a .xml file with the configuration Zwave.


I don’t know what you mean by “moving the key” - I assume you mean to move the controller device ? and don’t understand why that is “losing” old config.
But you can’t have both systems running at the same time anyway, so I don’t see why that is causing any problem.
You could buy another controller of the same model and use vendor tools to copy the contents (or maybe it works to use your Domoticz button for that, too).

Yes I want to say : Move the controller device.

I want to keep my Domoticz in Master controller and my OH2 like a Slave Controller.
I buy a new Rpy for the OH2 with a new USB_Controller_Zwave (the same model I use for Domotiz).

I see post talking about the Zensys Tool but I ask if there are a native solution to learn Zwave Config with OH2.

I hope my post is clear SFME.

Yes but your plan won’t work out. While a device can accept commands from multiple controllers, any device can just have one master it sends it data to.
If you want to replace Domoticz by OH then it’s better to do so in one single step. And if you do that you can keep and just move the controller. Easier than to ex- and reinclude everything.