ZWAVE - Debugging Tool siLabs for free

Hi to all with ZWAVE Problems:
I just saw the SiLabs Tool is available for free now.


Does anybody know how to use it with a “spare” zStick vs. having to use the actual one that is in production?

Basically I want to gather information w/o interrupting what is happening live.

Best, Jay

You can’t use PC Controller and OH at the same time with one controller. You should flash your spare controller and checkout Zniffer. I was going to do a tutorial for this after Silabs fixed their download links…

Hmmm… I see you were over in that thread too.

I downloaded all the stuff, and was hoping for that tutorial to show up :wink:

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Hey Scott,

I eagerly await your tutorial . . . I believe enabling the zWave end user community with more helpful data will help a lot of people - especially taking the load off @chris at looking at tons of log files.

Best, Jay

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The reality is that the log file analyses will still be required. A sniffer doesn’t tell you what the controller received - it tells you what the sniffer received and even if the controller is right next to the sniffer, there is no guarantee that they are the same.

What is important is what the controller, and ultimately the binding sees, and this comes only from the logfile.

The sniffer provides a different view of things and it’s useful for a different set of analyses.