ZWave device not showing channels, Jasco 14314/ZW4002

I installed a new Jasco fan control switch, number 14314/ZW4002. The ZW4002 shows up in the database with a GE number, but not a Jasco number. The binding finds the device, but doesn’t find any channels. the log file shows the following message:
[WARN ] [wave.discovery.ZWaveDiscoveryService] - NODE 27: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 0063:4944:3138::5.24.

I don’t find any jasco device in the database with the 14314 number. Does this need to be added to the database?
I’m running Openhab 4.1

Devices are mostly identified by the TYPE:ID:Version, not model number, so you may have to add a new TYPE:ID or an entirely new entry even for a device listed as supported. I would look over this device to see if you can just add the new TYPE:ID.

After looking at the device information from the link you referenced, I edited the xml file for the fan switch item. The zwave xml files are located in /var/lib/openhab/zwave (for openhab 4.1). I changed the value from 0x3138 to 0x3131. After restarting openhab, the dimmer channel showed up. I created switch and dimmer items and it works as expected. I’m looking at using an oh-stepper so I can define a 4 or 5 discreet fan speeds by setting the step parameter 20 or 25. Thanks for the help

I’m not sure of the persistence of that solution. That file does get written to as well as read from.

Based on your feedback, I added your TYPE:ID pair to the ZW DB (and marked for review- will not be immediately available), so others with your device will not have a discovery issue.

You are correct. The xml file that I edited gets written to on an Openhab restart. I discovered this by noticing an error in the log file that said it couldn’t write to the file. The reason it couldn’t write to it is because when I edited it, it changed ownership from openhab, to openhabian. I changed the ownership back to openhab and restarted the server. The write error went away, so I’m assuming it was able to do whatever it does, but it didn’t change the type ID back to 0x3138, and I didn’t lose the channel description.