Zwave device not (yet) in database


The zwave database for a newer zipato device ( seems not contain the relevant data. Can I support the integration to speed up the availability? And is there a possibility to get an estimate when I can use this device with OH2?

The details:
Device: Zipato Color Bulb 2

Status of my OH2: The Thing was included but the it remains as “device unknown”. The manufacturer is recognised, but not the channels.

Chris’ database: It says it awaits review:

Thanks for your support

It looks like no review was requested, so it’s been missed. I’ll take a look and get it added.

It looks like the database is not complete…

So, first question, is this really a different version than the “older” one? I guess so, but just checking that the configuration, associations etc are different?

If so, then we need to add the configuration parameters and associations into the database. Currently it looks like someone has started to add a parameter, but it’s likely incorrect. It would be good to upload the manual to the reference docs section, along with a manufacturers image (also to the reference docs section). This will help with the review.

If you are able to help add this information it would make things quicker to get it included - just register on the site and let me know so I can update your access.

@chris Will do. I’ve opened a ticket to update my access on your web site.

I’ve updated your access…