Zwave Device PIR from Kaipule

I have two PIR devices.
One is the IX 30 and the other IX32 model

Both are recognized as IX32.
Most likely the manufacturer uses the same hardware board for both enclosures and there is no way for the binding to differnatiate these?


:confused:. Is there more to the story?

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I suspect that they are using the same IDs, in which case there will be no way to tell them apart (probably). There’s only one set of IDs in the database, so the only way to tell them apart might be the application version (big maybe here though!).

What does HABmin show for the properties?

Real IX32

actually IX30

same Type / ID

Yep - everything is the same, so there’s no way to tell them apart.

I will modify the DB to tell there its IX30/IX32 aswell

Ok - also you might want to change the name to Wall/Ceiling mounted…