Zwave device unresponsive after inclusion


I’m trying to add an Heiman HS1DS-Z. Inclusion goes fine, and when I wake the device it’s properly discovered. The config is then serialized to userdata/zwave, an indication the device is added properly to Openhab. As soon as this is done, the device becomes unresponsive. No status leds get lit when I press the wake button. Even after removing the battery for long time, the device is dead, no longer works until I do a full factory reset. Have done this three times with the exact same behavior.

I have the log trail, you can download it here.

Hope someone knows whats going wrong.


Put a new battery in.

Why do you suspect the battery as 5 seconds before the freeze I can successfully include the device and do a wake. And as soon as it’s serialized the the device no longer respons. When I do a factory reset, the device it responsive again. So I do not suspect the battery.

If you press a physical button on a device and the corresponding physical led on the device does not light up openHAB is not involved at all.

I have this device and although it’s been a while since I added them, I remember them being a pain to add. I did make some notes though:

I had to keep pressing the button inside 3 times, which wakes the device. I had to do this 3 times in succession for it to wake. Enable the z-wave debug log. Kept 3 clicking until it was found. Look for “Node advancer” in the zwave debug log, until it’s complete - it takes lots of triple clicking since openhab 2.4.

A gotcha: the back must be on the device for the magnet (alarm_access/sensor_door/OPEN/CLOSED states) to work. Otherwise alarm_burglar keeps firing, as if the button was being pressed inside AND sensor_door will fire, but will always say OPEN. [If I remember, this was when moving the magnet close to/away from the sensor - it was puzzling at the time when I was trying to debug channels and alarm_burglar was the only one firing]

So, some of this may be out of date, or not relevant, but I’d try triple pressing, or pressing in general, with the z-wave debug log open to see if it starts waking so that the controller/openhab can read the device config.

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Would be a great addition to the “Usage information” part of the devices database entry:

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