ZWave Devices in Inbox even though already as thing

Hello community.

Is it normal with OH3 that I see zwave devices in the inbox even though they are already set up as Thing?
Do I have to ignore them again after each restart?
Is actually no problem, but it bothers me a little.
Is it possible to switch off this behavior?
Thanks in advance.

Those are called zombie or ghost nodes since they exist on the network but are now real devices. They are usually caused by the controller not fully excluding devices. From OH perspective they really exist.

Too many of them can cause network issues.

You defined them in a text .things file and on top they appear in the inbox, right ?

That would not be normal if defined properly, AFAIK

I think I defined those via UI as Thing before they were fully recognized. the name was still just Node xx there.

I have my zwave devices defined in text files. They appear in the inbox until I ignore them. As far as I remember, they stay ignored after reboot.

They only get fully discovered after being defined as a Thing.
They are zombie nodes existing on the network controller and too many of them can definitely impact network performance. Anyone guessing otherwise here has little experience with Z-Wave operation in OH.

Do you know the solution or does one have to graduate from the

position to qualify to be allowed to know?

Learn from Chris & robmac and help out.

I have never, in OH2 or OH3, had Inbox entries stay ignored when OH is restarted. There are numerous posts here from people with the same issue. Every Z-Wave instance that has had nodes reappearing in Inbox had has zombie nodes on the network. I think my current production controller, still on OH2 has 1 or 2.

Mine do (I specifically tested that today, just in case I didn’t remember correctly) and did in OH2 as well. FYI, they are configured in text files.