Zwave devices loose the active channels upon restart? Happens frequently (debug included)

Hi All

Has anyone seen this? I restarted OH2 today because socat2 lost the connection again to the Zstick and a bundle restart did not fix it for the binding, or a socat restart.

Now my lights wont turn off because the channels are missing.

See screenshot:

See attached zwave log.

Its now 9.45pm and theres no channels. At 9.46pm i removed the items and readded them a minute later.

The channels are now linked again, as seen here:

See attached Zwave log. The suspect node is 002 in this instance

Any help would be appreciated!


And its now 9.55 and again they are gone. A heal of the device adds them back…

Are you seeing the behavior described here? If so, I think this might just be a HABmin display issue.

See also

Really? This has nothing to do with channels. My guess is there is something else happening - it certainly cannot be related to the heal.

Its incredibly difficult the troubleshoot issues when habmin and or paperui have bugs that relate to the non display or the lifeline and potentially now the channel links. Is there ANY UI that works correctly for these?

@chris i can only comment on what i see change. Same with lifeline changes.

Maybe this all relates to having a zstick over ser2net and socat. My network is small and confined to a small area so im confused why its so problematic. Im using all very high end and reliable servers and networking hardware. Starting to run out of ideas to make basic light control work.

Sorry for my frustration but its getting stressful.

Ill look through the links above - thank you.