ZWave Dimmer Switch to 25% Position?

Hey All,

I have some ZWave dimmer modules which are working great.

If I assign a switch instead of dimmer I can switch on/off to 0-100%, Can an on/off switch be used to switch 0-25% without any additional rules?


No. A Switch will only be able to give you 0%-100%. You will need rules to do 0%-25%.

Any examples available of a rule that would set a dimmer to a specific percentage?

This is what one of my item looks like.

Dimmer ZwaveHallDimmerDim “Dimmer Hall [%d %%]” (ZwaveHallDimmer,HouseLight,Dimmable) [“Lighting”] { channel=“zwave:device:69f10e1b:node27:switch_dimmer” }

To set it to 25% in a rule:


Regards, S

That is perfect thanks.

Thought I would post the full solution here for anyone else thinking of something similar.

Here are the items, the module is a Qubino ZWave dimmer :-

Switch ZMNHDD1_S1  "Light Switch"     <light>       (ZT_ZMNHDD1)
Dimmer ZMNHDD1_D1  "Light Dimmer"     <slider>      (ZT_ZMNHDD1) {zwave="0:command=switch_multilevel"}

Here is the rule to set dimmer using the switch listed above :-

rule "dimmer to 25pc"
    Item ZMNHDD1_S1 changed from OFF to ON
    sendCommand(ZMNHDD1_D1, 25)

rule "dimmer off"
    Item ZMNHDD1_S1 changed from ON to OFF
    sendCommand(ZMNHDD1_D1, OFF)