Zwave Door sensor Vision ZD2102

I bought a few ZD2102 door sensors (cheapest zwave sensor I’ve found). They can be expanded by adding an external reed switch (i.e. for two pane windows), however, a parameter needs to be changed in order to operate the external reed switch. My problem is that Habmin is not showing any configuration parameters on the UI for these sensors…

Any help is appreciated.

I’m running 1.8 and Habmin 0.1.4-Snaphot

More on ZD2102:

When the device wakes I am getting no state (OPEN/CLOSED) and the battery reports to be 0. However, when the device is actuated upon, I get the state and the correct battery level. Any ideas?

Here’s a log of the device waking up (Node 17):

Today I tried using habmin2. The interface does show the configuration options, however, when trying to set the parameter for the external switch, the device never gets updated…
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Hi @chris, do you know what can be happening with these ZD2102-5 sensors?

  1. When the devices wake OH does not gather their state info (OPEN/CLOSED) or battery level
  2. There’s no way to set it’s configuration parameter
  3. The tamper alert is not working either
  4. The only thing that works is OPEN/CLOSED events when they happen (not on wake).

(there’s a log of the device waking up on the first message of the thread)


It shouldn’t get the state - this is normal. Battery is requested occasionally, but not every wakeup.

Strange. It’s obviously reading the file as it’s seeing the associations. There’s only 1 parameter anyway, but I’m not sure why it’s not showing up.

Maybe it’s disabled (unlikely since you can’t set the configration and apparently it’s enabled by default), or maybe you have the item configuration incorrect? I’d hazard that the item config is wrong?

That’s correct then - as above, it shouldn’t send it when it wakes. That just not what is meant to happen, and if you want this to happen you need to add polling (which I don’t recommend).

If you post the XML file and the item definition I’ll take a look at it.

Thanks for your reply,

this is my item definition:

Contact Door_contact	 {zwave="17:command=basic"}
Number  Door_battery    "battery level [%s %%]"    {zwave="17:command=battery,respond_to_basic=true"}
String Door_tamper "tamper [%s]" {zwave="17:command=alarm,respond_to_basic=true"}

I am only getting the battery level when I open the back of the device (it’s supposed to be a manual wake if I understand correctly). Not sure about this, but I think that when the device wakes the battery level shows 0… I do not get any battery level when the contact opens or closes either.

I thought my fiber door sensors did get their states when they woke, I’m confused.

I don’t think so, but I could very well be wrong. Maybe the Fibaro devices send the data, but it’s not mandated, and is therefore up to each manufacturer to implement so the Vision sensors don’t have to…

This works for me

Contact     DinningLeft "Left Window [MAP(]"  (gFirstFloorDinning,monitor)  {zwave="3:command=basic,respond_to_basic=true"}
Contact     DinningLeftTamper "Left Window tamper"      (gFirstFloorDinning,burglar)   {zwave="3:command=ALARM"}
Number      FrontDoorBattery  "Left Window Battery [%d %%]"   <battery>      (gFirstFloorDinning,battery)  {zwave="3:command=BATTERY"}

Thanks, @balmurgan, it seems my problem is related to a bug in the firmware of the units I purchased.

sorry for bumping here

have you solved this problem with a new device/firmware?

I have a strange problem with some of this devices too

maybe it is a problem with bug in firmware too.