Zwave ECODIM missing power meter channel


I’m running openhab3 on a raspberri pi4, so far without any issues. Today i’ve received a new ecodim basic dimmer, the one shown by below link.

Including the device was no issue, only there was one channel when I expected two channels to be there. The first channel is the dimmer (which works perfectly fine) and the second channel that I expected was a channel to measure the power consumption in watts. The manual of the device indicates that the device supports measuring power consumption (Verbruiksmeter in dutch). I’ve looked around the forum and found out that openhab generates an XML file for the zwave devices. I’ve looked it up and found indeed a COMMAND_CLASS_METER with a meterType of ELECTRIC and meterScale of E_KWh which indicates to me that it should be available.

I read that updates of zwave devices need to be done in a database and that the XML file is needed. Therefore I’ve attached the generated XML file. Is there somebody that can update the database with a channel for measuring the consumption?

ecodim.xml (10.9 KB)

It’s actually a community maintained database.If you want to try to add it here is the guide.

Otherwise I may be able to do it later.


I’ve had a look at the database and the sensor that was in it. But I’m not completely sure what the next step would be. When I look at the xml file and what is in the database, it seems that the version/manufacturer/product numbers etc are all the same. Only there are some command groups missing in the database that are visible in my xml file. Firmware is set to “all” in the database but when i look in to the pdf attached in the database, i can’t see the command class meter. So maybe it’s a firmware feature that has been added later, but I don’t know for sure.

It also says in the documentation of the database underneath updating existing devices that when the database was created it may not have contained all the detailed information for the device. That would be printed with a message in the summary page. I don’t see that message, which than would imply that what is in the database was all there was at that time.

I don’t have requested database modification access at this point (only an account) but would the next step then be (in this case) to select the update device option and update the xml file that I attached to the previous message? And then the firmware revision must be set to min what is in that xml file just to be sure that if there was a difference in firmware, it will be taken care of?

If you are able to follow up on that, that would be awesome. There’s no time pressure on it from my side, so whenever it’s convenient for you, would be awesome.

You found the sensor there? I did not see it. Please post a link.

EDIT: found it.

Information from the XML determines what channels are defined in the database. Not all command classes have associated channels.


Good to hear that you found it. You’re saying that not all command classes have associated channels. I’m not completely sure what you try to say here. But would upload a the new xml file be the right step in this case?

I looked at your xml and saw no added channels. There is nothing documented in the manual either.

What makes you think the device has that capability?


Then I’m really confused. The site of the manufacturer (ECO-DIM.07 Led dimmer Z-Wave Basic druk/draai 0-200W - EcoDim) clearly states that it has that capability (Verbruiksmeter) and there is the command_class_meter that suggest also that it has that capability. (see below snippet)


So those two items made me believe that this device has that capability.

I am no expert at parsing xml files. @chris is more experienced.

It looks like these channels simply need to be added to the database. I will try and find some time tomorrow or over the weekend.


That would be awesome!

Was this resolved, and updated to database? I’m not sure if this was the same entry?
EcoBright EcoDim07 Smart Dimmer Switch 200W LED

I have some Namron 200w dimmers with faulty FW who claims to be EcoDim07 (I’ve resolved that with the manufacture, but got to keep them)

Forgive me if this has nothing to do with the OP’s issue
(@Delearious btw. did you have issues with zwave_neighbours with EcoDim07?)

OP’s XML data and OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database do match, but OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database is still missing channels for COMMAND_CLASS_METER:

For comparison:

Hi all,

I recently purchased the plug-in version of this dimmer (ECO-DIM.06, ECO-DIM.06 Z-Wave Led plug dimmer 0-150W (RC) -) and found out that while this exact product/model was not listed as such in the device database, it was perfectly recognized by the database’s ECO-DIM.07 definition. These are obviously two different products, but apparently the inside of these devices is the same, Z-Wave wise.

Just like the xml of the ECO-DIM.07 posted earlier in this thread, my ECO-DIM.06 device also has:


So I will update the description and documentation in the database to also include the 06.

Also, the power meter channels are still missing it seems, I will try to add them too.

EDIT: @chris the database is changed and pending review. For context, see this message and the rest of the thread.

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@Delearious The kWh and watts channels have been added to the ZWave binding in the latest binding snapshot (available here: openHAB-ZWave #188 [Jenkins]). They seem to work correctly here with my ECO-DIM.07.