ZWave enabling alarm unsolicited report through a JSON file

I am currently setting the MH9-CO2-WD CO2 threshold parameter in a JSON file in the controller so, when the CO2 sensor completes the pairing, the parameter from the JSON file is configured in the device.
The unsolicited reports are disabled by default in the MH9-CO2-WD sensor and I want to enable them also through the same JSON file. Is this possible? I am reading the ZWave library user guide, there are some JSON examples there, but it is not clear to me if the notifications can be enabled from that file or not.

Any help will be appreciate!


Which binding is this related to? I’m assuming it’s not the ZWave binding, but another binding (eg ZWay)? If it’s the ZWave binding, then I think you’ll need to provide more information :wink: