Zwave. Fibaro dimmer 2 firmware version

Please anyone help me to decide which firmware version is accessible for stable work? v3,4 v3,5 v3,2 which one? And what bugs are founded? Thanks to everyone who can help)

As a matter of interest, what are you intending to do? Unless you have the HC2 you can’t change the firmware on Fibaro devices (unless they have changed their policy very recently).

I know. This is why I want to understand which device I need to buy

Ok, I’m just not sure that you will be able to select this. At least in the shops I know of, they supply the latest version they have (ie the latest version that came from Fibaro) - there’s no ability to select the firmware.

Anyway, sorry for hijacking your thread…

3.3 firmware works without any problems in the development branch of the zwave binding …

I bought two dimmers. First is 3.5 second is 3.4. I can make return and get 3.5 but it is worldwide.
Here is the question: keep 3.4 or take only 3.5?

Thx. I hope 3.4 not so bad (3.5 is last version)