ZWAVE: FIbaro Door Sensor 10x -- Endpoint 0 not found

Dear all,

sorry to bother you with hopefully basic stuff - but actually i am lost since this is my first openhab(2) setup and my first steps in automation.


  • raspberry2 with installed oh2 beta (full download), updated yesterday
  • zme_uzb1 stick
  • one fibaro fgk 10x zw5 3.2 (101) sensor (gets detected as fibaro fgk101
  • all are included and show up with a check-mark
  • I also included all informations and added them as pre-defined new items

What i want:

  • basically just on my dashboard updated information if the door is opened or closed.

What I get:

  • Information on battery status (100%) – should be correct
  • Information that the door is open (always, doesn’t react on sensor, does never change status)
  • a mystyrious error in the logfile: ( NODE 2: Endpoint 0 not found. Cannot set command classes)
  • and i can’t change the properties of the sensor in the paperui -config: “3: Visual LED indications” is always set to 6 while i would like to set it to 0 – but that’s low prio…

any idea? any logs required to analyze?

thanks for your support, much appreciated!


Hi Dan!

I am not sure, if this is a soluton for the problem with gettimf no updates (since you get updates for the battery state) but did you assign an association from FGK-101-Thing to your controller (choose FGK-101 in HABMIN -> associations)?

I also had the problem editing configuration parameters in PaperUI. If you use HABmin, these values can be changes (and stored).

Kind regards, Nico