Zwave getting started

I’m ready too buy some more sensors

This time I’m going to open the zwave door

For the gateway I have decided on the

AEON AEOEZW090-C Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, Z-Wave Plus USB to create gateway - white

I know it works with openhab I have seen peple using it in here and in videos

But I have asked this before and still can’t get my head around it how do you know what sensors are supported by openhab using this gateway

I’m mainly after some door sensors and a zwave thermostat for heating controll

All devices should have an Z-Wave Open Alliance sticker/logo on it. If they do, they should all work interchangeably .

If the device is ZWave compliant, then it will work. Just make sure the devices are compatible with the US 908.42 Mhz frequency (my assumption since you’ve chosen the Gen 5).

I’m in the UK

I think the Gen 5 is only supported on the US frequency, but I’ll look for some more documentation to back that up.

The amazon description says EU not that you can always trust that

No - it’s available “everywhere” (definitely in the UK).


The description also says 868.42MHz

I will have a look

If you buy the EU version (which will be the only version sold in the EU unless you really go looking for the US version), it will be fine in the UK.

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So the stick is guaranteed too work like I say

I’m looking at this sensor as an eg
KAIPULEK Wireless Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor - Compatible with 500 Series - White

The only standard I can find is its the same freq as the stick 868.42MHz how do you know it will work when paired with OH don’t you have too write code too make the sensors work?

I can’t guarantee that this device will work out of the box - I’m not sure it’s in the database. If it’s not though, then you can easily add it -:

Alternatively, you can search the database to see if it’s there…

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Thanks for the link

Docs? :grinning:

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That’s the first time I have seen that it must have been recently updated thanks for that sihui

Don’t treat the database like it’s the truth to everything either. There might be an upgraded firmware or other changes in the product you are buying since it was added to the DB or something just might not work the way it’s supposed to when you first try it. I currently have an PSP05 sensor which is listed, and while some people have gotten it to work, many (myself included) have not. I’m confident it’ll work some day, but it might need some debugging on your part. Safest bet is to buy the stuff that others have already confirmed as working without problems.

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Hi Autoit thanks for the reply