ZWave ghost nodes

@chris can you explain this?
First of all, I have to say that I started up a new Rpi with ZWave which is new to me.
I’m running openHAB 2.4 snapshot ( on openhabian) and makes updates by openhabian-config whenever an update is available.
I follow the applicable steps in the topic “ZWave binding updates”. When I had problems with one of the battery nodes (11) , which often has the error message “Node is not communication with controller”, I decided not to reconnect the node that it usually has as neighbor in Habmin (node 2) and also one another (node 10). Both of these are used to be connected to a wall outlet.
After I reconnected all other things I looked at them in Habmin and saw that several of them still has this nodes as neighors and decided to wait for the healing to see what happen. Nothing was changed.
I’ve just been using debug log and have used the “ZWave Log Viewer” to try to understand what’s happening. In the filter selection both node 2 and 10 are represented??? What I can understand of the log viewer the controller is not completely in contact with node 11, lots of “NO ACK”.
Node 11, “Aeon Labs ZW112 door/window Sensor 6”, is still switching between online and offline but it is allways reporting when the door is opened and closed.

Seems like I’ve now got all things to work for 2 days.
No things offline and debug log shows, as I can understand, no errors.