ZWave Heltun Thermostat: current status

Dear @TimScottz8

In reference to your post

Your welcome. I’ve requested to add the device to openHAB’s ZWave database and did the effort to bring it that far. However to get it fully recognized one would need to use the more recent
ZWave binding snapshot instead of the ones from OH 2.4 or OH 2.5 M1 builds.

The Device is not yet certified by the ZWave alliance, but is in progress as confirmed by Heltun Support. However that’s minor issue and is not really relevant.

For your case. I think this should fit and work smoothly. But I would suggest to get only one working for the begin and check if you can achieve what you would like (My sales point offered my to test device over a period of 2 weeks free of charge - maybe check with your seller too).
Maybe there is something to be adjusted related the configuration definition in the ZWave database.
If that is the case I would support you, to get this done.

I fully understand your concerns regarding your target setup and I would think / react in the same way as you do.

Please have a look into the manual on the Device description page:

Let me know where you have questions and I will try to follow up with answers.


Thanks again Stefan
I’ve checked in the z-wave binding and in the list of supported devices it does say it has “HE-ZW-THERM-FL2 Wall Heating Thermostat” so I assume I have a binding that is up to date enough to include the Thermostat ? Hopefully that saves me the bother of trying to add the binding myself. I’m new to openHAB and struggling with the GUI interface vs the config files interface. I just wish the GUI wrote to the config files directly to make it more consistent.
I’ll probably just get the one as you suggest and a qubino switch to turn the central heating pump on and off. I have a pretty complicated heating system with a heat pump, heat buffer and multiple zones. On the other hand it separates the heat pump control, which is merely done on heat buffer temperature from the house zone control which merely needs to turn the correct circulating pumps on and off. Eventually I’ll use openHAB to better control the heat pump and how it stores energy in the heat store.
So from your post it seems that I can use these thermostats to control the circulation pumps via openHAB on the basis of an event sent from the thermostat when it changes state from OFF to ON and vice versa ? That is the minimum I require and for now would make the project feasible. More sophisticated control can come later !

Hi Stefan

Looking through the database entry and the users manual will the Configuration Class be useable to adjust all the configuration parameters. If so how ?


Dear Tim

Yes in that case it should work for you. You don’t need to add anything to ZWave database, as it’s there already.

The configuration class is an open point at the moment. I’m not sure if it is working properly, as I didn’t have enough time to test it. In theory and according to Heltun support, it should work.


Thanks Stefan
I’ll buy a couple to test it all out. Snag is the UK supplier says the due to Brexit the supplies into the UK are somewhat erratic so who knows when I’ll actually get them !


Today I finally received my devices and will start to add them over the next couple of “weeks”.