[ZWAVE] Honeywell incorrect Device ID in Database


I am trying to add a Honeywell Outdoor Smart Switch to my system and I’m getting the “The device is not in the database” error. Upon further investigation, the xml file for the device shows the correct manufacturer ID (0x39). However, the deviceID is showing as 0x3034 and deviceType as 0x4f50. The binding database seems to show
manufacturerRef = 4F50:3032. I’m assuming this difference is causing the Things error message. What is the path to solving this issue? Any pointers greatly appreciated.

Z-Wave is divided into different world regions. It is quite normal for manufacturers to gave the same device model with differing IDs per region. In fact our community maintained device database is based on information openHAB gathers directly fro mthe device firmware.

It is not likely an error, but perhaps a new variant that needs to be added. The database guide is here.