Zwave IP

Hello @chris ,

I was looking around at your website and saw that you have the command class “ZIP_SERVICES” and other classes which support ZIP.

Is this implemented already?, if yes, can u share any examples on the installation?

Looking forward for your feedback.

I’m not sure what these classes are, but for sure they aren’t implemented and they possibly might not actually exist. In general, Sigma have what they call Z/IP which implements ZWave over IP (to a gateway), but these classes are simply encapsulation classes.

Thanks for the fast response :slight_smile:

Would these devices then work with the binding? Have you tried any?

Im thinking about using one of these.

Which devices do you mean?

These sigma zwave to ip devices.
I wonder if it will work with openhab.

If you mean the ZWave stick, then no, they will not work with openhab. Why do you want to use this versus a normal zwave stick?

I have many battery operated devices around the house with no mains power devices, so several devices are now dead as they are so far from the controller.

One option will be another openhab instance with mqtt updates, but i was looking for these zwave / IP devices for simplicity…

It sounds like you should improve the mesh of your network. If you are suggesting to add multiple controllers, then you will likely find other problems with your system, so it’s probably better to solve the network problems that you have by improving the mesh by adding mains powered devices or repeaters. This is likely to improve things globally rather than having to add a number of controllers.

Why not add a zwave stand alone repeater?

I guess that will be the next step (adding repeaters)…

I had the sensors in very distant areas from the controller which i waa trying to put in the middle as much as possible.

Thanks guys for the fast comments and suggestions :thumbsup: