Zwave items not being created


I have been using openhab since 1.8 and I have moved and loving openhab2. I just updated my openhab2 install to take advantage of the jsondb.

But I am adding my zwave things and not gettting the corresponding items added automatically. I am adding Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS devices. The ‘thing’ is there in my openhab2 but the items are not created. I do have openhab2 in simple mode and all my other devices, tv, reciever, hue bulbs, had their items automatically created. Just not the zwave items. Is this a bug? What can I do to force openhab to recreate the items?


It looks like channels are not being created for zwave devices? How do I correct this? I want the openhab2 system to manage itself…

I love replying to myself… I just created the items links in habmin.

I remember seeing this the other day when I was doing some work. A thing I had (and previously had channels) was totally blank. I passed it by and in the course of my work had to do a restart and then things were fine after that.

Thanks for the reply. I had tried restarting openhab2, restarting the pi. And finally uninstall the zwave binding and reinstalling, and re-adding all my zwave devices.

Other than this quirk, the openhab2-offline package from this weekend has been running like a champ. So happy! the JDBC mysql persistence and logging is working great too!