ZWave Lock not updating

I have 2 914TRL and just re-set them up (moved into a new house). They are working with secure communication and I can unlock/lock them using openhab, however I never get any updates if I manually articulate the lock. I’ve checked that the controller is in group 1, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference. Looking at the configuration of the various Black & Decker locks, all of them have lifeline as group 1 (titled lifeline) with max node 1 and the controller as yes except my device, which has it as group 1 (titled group 1) with max 5 nodes and controller yes. The comment on the device says that there was an inadvertent edit to the groups… Am I on something completely different, or caught up in the same issue as this topic?

I was on 2.4.0, but tried 2.5.0-M1.