ZWave Long-Range controller

Looks like Zooz is now offering an 800-series Z-Wave-LR USB controller.

The LR stuff is really interesting to me because it seems to sit right between all of the mesh/local protocols (e.g. 802.15.4/Zigbee/Thread/Matter, Z-Wave, WiFi, EnOcean) and the king of long-distance… LoRaWAN. Seems Z-Wave-LR would enable simple integrations of yard sensors, outbuildings etc, without a lot of rigmarole, extra HW, Repeaters, LoRaWan-to-IP gateways etc.

Z-Wave-LR (up to a 1 mile) seems like it can do something that no other wireless stack can do right now, so it seems like a good omen for the the technology remaining part of IOT-land.

Do I understand right that this controller is not currently usable with OH? IIRC, something about the Z-Wave alliance not publishing the new non-500-series method of talking to their next-gen 700/800 chipsets?

Correct. As I understand it, the way the alliance published their API for 700+ is incompatible with openHAB’s license and/or it’s hard to integrate into a Java application.

A few days ago I read this announcement from the Z-Wave Alliance, that the

“Z-Wave Alliance Announces Z-Wave Source Code Project is Complete”

Does this change anything?

The Z-Wave Source Code Project opens development of Z-Wave and enables members to contribute code to shape the future of the protocol under the supervision of the new OS Work Group (OSWG).

It’s not open source. It’s open to members of the alliance only. It’s still closed source and almost certainly an NDA needs to be signed to access the code (not to mention that membership is in the thousands of $ per year).

I suspect the only way to achieve support will be to reverse engineer it.