Zwave+ LR 4 times range


Zwave LR looks promising!


It’s still a little way off yet. It’s also not a mesh system, so all communications will need to be direct to the controller, but it should be an interesting system and will be upgradable on the 700 series chips :slight_smile:


Sounds like it is good for battery driven sensors, which will not mesh anyway. So if the article is correct a battery powered device/sensor with 400m range and a 10+ year battery life.

Battery sensors do participate with the mesh routing in a traditional ZWave mesh network. However yes, this is designed largely for sensors where they might be out in the garden and therefore a mesh doesn’t work as you can’t get mains devices to bridge the gap.

Yes, that is the stated goal by Silabs. They had their developers conference over the past few days and this was the comment at the release.