ZWAVE Neo Coolcam NAS-PD01Z isn´t fully identified

PI4, 2.5.9-1 stable
I managed to setup my Neo Coolcam NAS-PD01Z devices. I know these aren´t the best but at least they should be able to report motion.
I successfully used some of these devices a year ago with an older Openhab release and now I can´t get it running again. It seems they aren´t fully recognized. I cannot get any signal even they show up as online.
HabMin doesn´t properly show what device type it is. For other ZWAVE devices the device type gets poulated e.g. ZRC-90 or NAS-WR01ZE, but not for these PIRs type NAS-PD01Z.
It only shows PIR motion sensor. Under attributes it shows 0003:1083 what seems to be OK.
What can I do, any idea?

How many times did you manually wake up the device after including it?

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Hundred of times. Also moved the PIR close to the Aeotec Stick. Deleted, reincluded… nothing helps.
And last year the devices worked, same stick, same PIR, getting crazy.
The only thing what works, when I use a torch the luminance change gets reported. I also cannot add any association group means it doesn´t get saved, other changes are getting saved.
I thought cause I cannot see the device type in HabMin it isn´t properly detected yet but I don´t think that this is caused by wakeup signals from the PIR.

On those sometimes . of you exclude it, you need to factory reset the device before it includes properly. At least that is what I found with the 3 I have,

That’s what I thought you meant. What exactly do you mean by not seeing the device type in Habmin? Screenshot? If Items are linked to the Channels, then the device has been identified and initialized.

What do you mean by this?

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I also tried to factory reset, (press button10-15sec) but this doesn´t help and I do have the device two times when I search for new devices.
This is stupid and I can´t get rid of these ghost devices, the only thing what helps is to completely reset stick and uninstall the binding…

Currently I can see the devices and Yes I also can link the channels but the only values recognized and reported are change of luminance.
It doens´t show the motion alarm - that´s crazy.

Doesn´t make fun these ZWAVE devices.
Can it be that it is a fault of the binding? I am asking because for testing I used two of the NEOs last year and I wasn´t having these problems at all. I think this was on 2.1 or 2.2.

There is Windows software that can remove those nodes from the stick.