Zwave Neo Coolcam Water sensor not recognized/Unknown Device


I have several Coolcam water sensors (
In the past I could use them in Openhab 2.4, but after having started with a complete fresh install of OH 2.5.9 they are not recognized any more. They appear in the ‘Inbox’, I can add them, but they remain as a ‘Unknown Device’.
I suspect the sensors have received a firmware update and therefore are not recognized anymore.
What can I do in order to be able to use them again?

Thanks !

The database is here. If you need to add a new entry or update an entry, the guide is here.

As always, we are here to help.


thanks for your feedback. I have just looked in the database and it seems that the last approval was only for OH 2.5.5.
Could this be the reason why Openhab 2.5.9 is not recognizing the device?



That “last approval” version means that version & later.

Should I adapt the device myself in the database? I don’t have the possibility to do so. Something to do with admin rights? Or should I just create a ticket?

Create a ticket requesting rights. That process is to avoid automated spammers, I believe

What needs changing?

If it used to work, then it is highly likely that the database is fine. Are the devices fully initialised? If not, please wake them up so that they can be discovered.

If that’s not the issue, then what do you see on the screen? What is in the logs? You will need to answer these questions anyway to know how you are going to “adapt” the database as it’s unclear what changes you are planning to make?

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