Zwave: New device request ZMNKGD1

Might be this should go in the GitHub; please feel free to correct/direct me! :slight_smile:

Got a roller shutter remote from Qubino (ZMNKGD1) that is not yet in the database. I figured “hey, I can do that!” but no - no I can’t. :grin::man_shrugging::see_no_evil:

Is there anyone out there who actually know what they are doing and who owns this remote, an add would be appreciated.


Is this because the instructions on how to gain write access to the community maintained DB are unclear?

If someone owns this on the OH forum, it would not be working either. As per the instructions above, the XML generated by OH (in your userdata/zwave folder) is required to get a new device started. Do you see that?

My hope is that someone with experience who owns the thing would be more successful in correctly finding the right data and adding it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am unable to get it to present an XML-file. If that is due to interrogation issues with the binding, me not doing something obvious or just something completely unrelated - I’m not sure. The documentation of the device is not too detailed and there is precious little third party as of yet: I am not certain if I am actually waking it up or not. Someone with previous experience is likely to be more comfortable in their troubleshooting - I’m just stomped.

Well an XML is basically required.

Did you get a “d” indicating successful inclusion?
Qubino_Shades_Remote.pdf (232.5 KB)

Could be a while :wink:

@MrPetter have you been successful in connecting the ZMNKGD1 to the openHAB zwave binding?