Zwave / No wakeup information in Habmin anymore?

Hi guys,

I’ve made an update from offline snapshot #643 to #682 yesterday. After that, I did a restart. This morning I had a look at my zwave devices (about a dozen…) and none of them showed an information about the last wake up time. This was normally shown under “Attributes” of each device.

See this image:

Can anyone confirm that this info is gone in the recent binding? Or is this a local problem with my installation?

Short update: I do see the wakeup information in PaperUI. Therefore it’s not binding related. So it seems to be either a local problem in my Habmin or a general Habmin issue.

The attribute name has been changed so there’s an inconsistency at the moment between the binding and habmin. I probably should support both for now until the changes are merged.

Ok. Thanks Chris!