Zwave Odyssee

I try for days and hours to integrate my Philio PST02 Sensor into OpenHab2.
It worked great in OH1.

Now I hardreseted my Zwave-Stick and started from sketch.

I document my steps here - but it doesn’t work and I’m desperating.

Stick is found as Node1:

Seems to be running correct:

node1.xml was created automatically:

I choose Z-Wave Binding in Habmin and put the sensor in inclusion mode:

It’s found as thing - but theres no node2.xml in the zwave-folder:

So I copy the openhab2-xml for the sensor from Chris’ database as node2.xml in the zwave-folder:

I write some channel-connection in the item-file. But that’s a guess - I don’t understand, whats the right syntax and how to find it out?!?

Nothing works…

So I’m excluding node2.
And reinclude it again:
It gets anothe name as before.

The sensor is detecting motion and magnet-open-state.
But there’s no feedback in the log-tail or in the items…

What do I do wrong? Where’s my problem?
Can anyone help me?