[ZWAVE] PaperUI, exclusion mode. How do I use it?


I think my Vivint doorbell supports z-wave. If so, it needs to be excluded. I don’t have access to the Vivint sky panel that likely has it included. I found in OpenHAB2/PaperUI: “Configuration | Things | Edit | Z-Wave Serial Controller”, under “show more” the “exclude devices” option.

My question: when I select the “exclude devices” mode, what is supposed to happen? The AEOTEC Gen5 USB stick will be in "exclusion mode for 30sec (?). And after that any device previously included with another controller should show in my inbox ( Inbox | Z-Wave Binding | Search)? In my case, after these steps, still no things have been found. :frowning:


Setting your controller to exclusion does nothing if you don’t set any of your devices to exclusion mode. As you don’t have any devices currently on your AEOTEC, you get what you see: nothing.

The recommended way is to exclude your devices from your old controller, this would (should!) also factory reset your device so it can be included into a new zwave network (your AEOTEC).

As you don’t have access to your old controller, you need to factory reset every single zwave device (read the manual on how to do that), then set your new controller to inclusion mode via PaperUI or HABmin (30 seconds auto timeout!) , within this 30 seconds press a button sequence on your device (read the manual) to put it in inclusion mode, too, then it should be available in your openHAB inbox.

It is possible to exclude a device using a different controller than the one the device is included to. This was a revelation to me when I found it out and it saved me a ton of time and effort.

Look at the manual for each of your devices but for all of mine the process is as follows:

  • put the controller into exclusion mode
  • do the action on the device that you would do to include it
  • Wait for the blinking lights to stop
  • repeat for the other devices.

Now the device should be factory reset and can be included on the new controller.


Confirming! Great Stuff. Even notice that the Sequenz inside the Controller is the same for inclusion/exclusion. (Don’t know why OpenHAB has two differnt buttons for it?)

I prefer using the include button all the time

  • Seeing when it is starting
  • Having a nice UI (check when it will stop)
  • Dont even know if all the buttons inside the Controller will perform immediately or after a “save” (exclude/sync/softreset)