Zwave parameter configuration in OH2

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(Shorty707) #21

I See its Start Animation in the DB… Was looking for Scene there :slight_smile:

Cool…will try that

(Chris Jackson) #22

I guess there’s a few options -:

  1. you can add it directly to the online database and request for it to be published
  2. we can discuss it here on the forum, and then someone adds it to the database

My only concern is to avoid having every configuration parameter added to the database as a channel - I think most configuration parameters shouldn’t be added as they are for management only.

Just a note on the REST version of doing this, I don’t expect that this will work if the things are defined in the text file…

(Sean Douch) #23

I’d be happy to add directly to the database. I have created an account on your site, but don’t see a way to send updates. I agree that most options shouldn’t be added. I may be the only one who uses the Min / Max in that way, but I have also added scene activation for the FGD211 dimmers as I make use of that all over the place and I also changed the Nodon soft remote from central scene to scene activation. In central scene I only got notification about one of the buttons being clicked once, in scene activation I get extra values for double click, hold and release which I use as well.

(Shorty707) #24

this works so good :slight_smile:

this would be cool for many devices I think :slight_smile:
like directly setting the illuminsation color of the fibaro plug in a rule

so @chris: does every device support the Configuration command class?
I would try that for some devices …

(Chris Jackson) #25

I’m not sure you mean what you ask?

Not every device supports the config command class (that’s up to the device), but for any device that supports the configuration command class, then it’s possible to set up these channels.

As I stated somewhere, I’d like to avoid adding every configuration parameter as a channel, but for sure add parameters that are useful in rules…

(Shorty707) #26

lets say I wanted to add a useful config parameter
Is the channel always “scene_number” for this? like you did for the RGBW

(Chris Jackson) #27

No - we need to choose something ‘appropriate’ - if there isn’t anything then we will need to either create a new channel or pick something generic.

(Shorty707) #28

I wanted to add it for:

(Chris Jackson) #29

What parameter do you mean though?

(Shorty707) #30

parameters 61 and 62

that would enable to set the color of the led ring of the plug via a rule

(Shorty707) #31

If you give me a hint what channel I should use … I would add these under Configuration in the DB.


(Chris Jackson) #32

Sorry I’ve not had the chance to look at this - I had a long flight delay returning from the USA and only got home yesterday afternoon but will take a look today.

(Shorty707) #33

Let me guess… United … I always have huge delays from/to US with them … :confused:

(Chris Jackson) #34

No - it was British Airways. Apparently the tail was damaged when it landed at Heathrow so they had to find a replacement aircraft which took nearly 24 hours…

(Chris Jackson) #35

I’ve updated the exporter to generate custom channels so that we can re-use the options in the parameter configurations. I’m not sure this is really used by UIs, but it’s there all the same…

(Chris Jackson) #36

I’ve just kicked off a new build which should be complete in about 30 minutes - let me know how it works…

(Shorty707) #37

for a quick test I added it on the UI

WORKS LIKE A CHARM :smiley: :heart_eyes:

For people stumbling over this… this might save a minute:

Selection item=zwave_device_15348538564_node8_config_decimal_param61 label="LED ON" mappings=[0=Steps_Watts, 1=Continous_Watts, 2=White, 3=Red, 4=Green, 5=Blue, 6=Yellow, 7=Cyan, 8=Magenta, 9=Off]
Selection item=zwave_device_15348538564_node8_config_decimal_param62 label="LED OFF" mappings=[0=LastPowerStep, 1=White, 2=Red, 3=Green, 4=Blue, 5=Yellow, 6=Cyan, 7=Magenta, 8=Off]

Zwave things with advanced config parameters
(wolf_from_the_north) #38

Thnx chris :wink:

(SiLeX) #39

I still don’t unterstand which Channel I need to use.

I tried both {channel="zwave:device:bridge:node10:config:decimal:param2"} and {channel="zwave:device:bridge:node10:config_1_2"} in my items file. Of course, none of them worked.

I honestly have no idea where to get that channel from? PaperUI only shows the normal non-configuration channels like “Brightness” and “State”.

Thank you for any ideas.

(Shorty707) #40

I think you talk about another device. Not the fibaro plug.
If the parameter was not added as a channel in the DB this wont work.