Zwave: Philio Technology: PAT02-B Z-Wave room sensor not or slow updating channels

A short question:

  1. Why does the device initialization take so much time (waiting a more that 8 hours)? Even with the help of waking up the device.
  2. If the device is found why does it take so much time to update the channels? And some channels will never update, they stay in -NAN.

if you think these are questions are not right, then where can i ask then. I’m just trying to understand OH. I’m new to it and struggling to get th Zwave devices to work. I want to move from Domoticz to OpenHAB i have problems with Domoticz and getting no help in the community. I must say that the Zwave in Domoticz works in my opinion faster/better, the problems i have with the NEO Coolcam PIR’s and the roomsensor never occured in Domoticz.

At last i’m sure that OH is better. The community is very fast and help full.

Yes we are fast and helpful, but you need to help us help you…
What harware server?
What OS
What openHAB version?
What zWave binding version?
What Java…

The more info you provide the better…

Your questions are not “not right”, you just don’t provide any information to help you:

You are missing #7, #10, and probably a couple of others.

Which openHAB version are you running? Which zwave binding version are you running? Post your items, things, sitemap files. Does your openhab.log show any errors? Are your associations groups set correctly to your controller?
I could extend this list, but it is not fun and therefore: provide the information from the link I posted and you will find someone willing to help you.