Zwave plugs not in use - leave on controller a good/bad idea?

I have a couple of plugs I use for testng or seanonal use (Christmas time for lights etc) and have been experiencing intermittent lag of my other nodes that I am trying to work out what it is.

I am about to go down the path of following this article:

which refers to dead nodes, but these arent actually dead - is it a bad idea to leave them on the controller? I have included them in OH3 but the things are disabled.

From a Z-Wave network point of view these nodes are the same as dead nodes/zombie nodes as they do not function and fulfill their role as repeaters in the network as long as they are unplugged. You risk routing issues.
In the end, it remains your decision whether to leave them on the controller or to exclude/include them when needed.

Ok thanks I am having issues with the network not responding but only in bursts so it’s an easy thing to try

May have nothing to do with my issue and will be a bit of a pain having to te do the channels when I need but a small price to pay if I can get a solidly reliable network again