Zwave polling interval


I am using oh2 with zwave binding.
Since 2 months I am using Popp 10 year smoke detector (POPE009402). This device is a FLiRS device. Since oh2 is polling in very short intervals, battery only lasts 2 months instead of 1-2 years.

So please help me stop polling for such devices or show me how to choose a much higher polling period (e.g. once a day or once a week)
I cannot find the right configuration for this.

Thanks in advance

The default polling period is 30 minutes - this isn’t exactly “very short” and shouldn’t really impact battery life very much since the responses that the device transmits are a few milliseconds every 30 minutes. However, you can change the polling period for this device up to 1 day if I remember correctly.

From memory, this is a configuration on the thing and you should be able to find it in the thing configuration in HABmin.

Hi Chris,

thanks for your answer. Some minutes ago I received an answer from the manufacturer “POPP” which states that polling should be deactivated for their device.
How could this be done for a individual device/thing?

I wouldn’t do that for a fire alarm. You would never know in the case of a fault.

The reason we poll devices is to check if they are alive. Polling at a low rate should make minimal difference to battery life, and allows the system to check if all devices are responding.

This is not currently possible. I think the maximum time is 1 day (but I might be wrong - it’s been a while since I looked). With such a long duration, it is effectively the same as disabling it from a battery perspective.