Zwave problem: polling aborted due to exception

from 3 days I have this problem in the log:
NODE xx: polling aborted due to exception
This problem, for every node, come on every 30 minutes.
How I can solve it?
I use openhab version 2.3

Upgrade to a 2.4.0 milestone or snapshot release, or wait for the 2.4 stable release (timeframe unknown).

When upgrading, be aware of this.

Ok. I evaluate the upgrade…But why I have this problem? What cause this?

I have no idea. It’s probably a bug in that version of the binding. But, given the significant amount of changes in the binding since 2.3, it’s not an effective use of time to try track it down in 2.3.

After upgrading to a recent version, if the problem still occurs, it’ll be much easier to determine the root cause.