ZWave - Problem with Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001

I’ve some troubles with my Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001.
After signaling motion to the zwave binding (state=1), I can wait until “motion alarm cancellation delay” is over. Then, the sensor signals state=0 (no motion). But immediately afterwards, he signals movement again, although nothing moves.
What am I doing wrong? Is it the configuration parameters or could it be the association group configuration?
Does anybody have simular problems?

device id = 1001
device type = 801
protocoll version = 4.5
application version = 3.2

This is the node.xml File:
node43.xml (16.3 KB)

Hello Harphme

How did you configure the sensitivity of the motion sensor?
If it is set to high, a very little movement of a flower in the wind or a fly could trigger a motion.


Hi Michael

I set it to the same value, as another FGMS-001 has, which I use this way since one year without any problem: motion seonsor’s sensity=8.

Yesterday evening I had another session and tried some different configurations. Compared to my posted node.xml I changed the following configurations:

  • motion sensors sensity = 20 (was 8 before)
  • night / day = 50 (was 30 before)
  • illumination report threshold = 40 (was 15 before)
  • temperature report threshold = 10 (was 5 before)

With this changes, the sonsor works fine since then. I cannot explain, why it is working now. At least, it is not only the value of sensity, because it doesn’t work when I change only this value.

I would be glad, if someone could explain me…

Here is my current node.xml, with the working configuration:
node43.xml (16.4 KB)