Zwave Problems after update to 2.5 milestone

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi
    • openHAB version: 2.5.0 (was 2.4.0)

After adding a new Fibaro device (Roller Shutter 3), which did not show up in my wave configuration (which includes some fibaro switches and a window sensor, all of them are working), i decided to upgrade to 2.5, because the new fibaro was supported there.

So i followed the installation guide for upgrade and had th e new version up and running.
Unfortunately no one of the z-wave devices (neither the stick nor the switches) did work.
So i deleted all of them including the stick.

When i tried to re-add the stick using HABmin, i could select the stick, but it stuck in the dialog when i hit save.
So i went to “things” selected the stick-thing and set the serial port to the standard.
After that the stick came to live, but none of the z-wave devices came up, when i did a discover.
So i hardware-resetted the stick, deleted it, unplugged it, replugged and readded. Still no luck.

Now my complete installation is broken, even restarting the service or even rebooting did not help me.

How can i manage to re-add the z-wave devices again ? Are they perhaps bound the the old controller instance ? Or do i have to hardware-reset all my devices ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Some additional information: If i enter the z-wave network viewer tool, no node shows up, it just remains empty

The hardware reset put the stick back to factory settings, essentially deleting all your devices from the stick. Unfortunately, unless you have a backup of the stick from which you can restore the configuration (e.g. Aeon allows you to save/restore the stick configuration), you’ll need to factory reset all your devices and re-include them into the zwave network.

Alternatively, you might be able to do an exclude/include on each device, as I think you can exclude a device from a controller that is not a part of the network. @chris @sihui @5iver Can one of you confirm that this approach works?


Yes, you can exclude a device using a controller even if the device is not part of that controllers network. This effectively does a reset on the device.

Hi, thanks for the quick replies,
so my rather noobish idea would be, that i use the resettled controller to to the exclusion resp. reset.
How could i manage that ?
(using HABmin or the console).

Something more: i found the old z-wave node xml files, they were not deleted. Could it help me to restore them and modifying them ?

HABmin. For each device, when on the Z-Wave Serial Controller thing, select Exclude Devices from the Tools menu, then perform the exclusion sequence on the device.

Unfortunately, no. Those files will be recreated when the device is included into the network.

Hi Mark,
thanks a lot. The exclusion and then inclusion way does work for me.
I found the device documentation for each z-wave device and I’m now working thru the devices to get them reincluded.
Best regards

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