ZWave Problems with Database


I have some Qubino Din Dimmers. Unfortunately, I can not select any configuration parameter or interact with the device in any way.
When browsing the database I can not open the corresponding node.

In the logfile I find the following errors:

2016-06-21 18:42:03.899 [ERROR] [o.b.z.i.c.ZWaveProductDatabase] - Unable to load ZWave product file: 'qubino/zmnhsd.xml'
2016-06-21 18:42:07.385 [ERROR] [o.b.z.i.c.ZWaveProductDatabase] - Unable to load ZWave product file: 'qubino/zmnhsd.xml'

I am using the latest snapshot from cloudbees (downloaded it today).
Any ideas how I can fix this?

The file had an incorrect name - I’ve updated it.

Thanks, I’ll check the cloudbees build this evening.

Solved! Thank you for your quick help.