ZWave - Qubino ZMNHCD

Dear all

I recently had a diskcrash on my openHAB server while I was in holidays. As far as I can tell It happened during a regular reboot. But that’s all that I was able to identify so far.

I was able to get the most important config and data back (etc, usr, var) and restore the system real quick. However I noticed errors on The Qubino Shutter parts, all of them are showing status “uninitialized”, while the rest of Qubino parts work as before.

In the UI I see HANDLER_CONFIGURATION_PENDING together with “config_duration=The value cannot be greather than 254.”

Currently I don’t have an explanation for that and wonder why this happens. Further I didn’t enable debug or trace yet. But will certainly do tonight. Hopefully it will bring some more light into it.

Did anyone else by chance saw this before?


I am pretty sure this is related to this issue

which was later fixed

So make sure you are on the latest release version.