[ZWAVE] questions about security/replay attack/command sequence number

I run into a strange problem with one of my binary output devices.

If I send commands in a very short time frame it looks like the sequence is wrong at the z-wave destination device or doubel receiving of commands.

I send:
sleep 500
sleep 700
sleep 2000

But the status fo the device does not refect this. Sometimes the device stays on ON status at the end.

Only idea which I have is, that commands received more times at the device due to different intermediate relay devices or commands are mixed in sequence.

Is there anything implemented in the z-wave protocol for the destination device to detect:

  • replay attacks
  • wrong sequence off received commands?

Have you tried disabling the Command Repoll for that device? That may be causing some/all of the unexpected state updates.

Yes, it is disabled.

If I put the device near to the controller the effect does not happen. Only if the device communictation is over other main powered devices as a relay station it appears. Not 100% sure.

Maybe try capturing a debug log in both scenarios: one with the device close to the controller, and another with the device in the location where the problem is occurring. That will show what the binding is sending/receiving.