Zwave rollerhutter: help with decision which hardware I need


I am just starting with homeautomation, and the first thing I want to do is automate my rollershutters. I want to use zwave. Now I have to decide on hardware.

First a very basic question on the necessary switch. Right now I have a switch with two buttons, one for up, one for down. They are mechanically linked so that only one of them can be activated at a time. And they are of the type that stays closed permanently after beeing pressed. Can I use them? Or do I have to exchange them for switches that are only closed when pressed?

Then I have found a really cheap zwave rollershutter controller on Aliexpress: Haozee Z Wave Plus Roller Shutter
Does anyone have experience with those. Description and reviews seem promising.

Just a reminder not all reviews are about quality. Most of the reviews point out that they received the item.

Yeah, I know. But in the reviews for that item some people actually said they were able to install and use them successfully. No mention of openhab though…

What troubles me most right now is the type of switch I need. I can’t find anything about it. The only Info I found says I can use both types, but no idea how the usage would look like then.

I have two different type of rollershutters.

First type is using 3 wires - 1 for N, 1 for UP and 1 for DOWN (like the one you mentioned)
this one is power independent (24V up to 230 VAC)

Second type is two wires only where the polarity is switched mostly 12V or 24V

This should be the beginning of your search.

The wiring needs to be done according to this wiring diagram, in a 220V AC network:

So the device is the correct one. Proper frequency for EU also.

Again my headache: what type of switch does S1 and S2 expect, permantly closed after actuation, or just closed as long as it is pressed?

I have a pair of FGR222 and they work really well. I also have mechanical switches with 2 buttons (each can be toggled on or off, switching one turns the other one off) and they work the same as before with FGR222 connected. You can actually chose type of button used (toggle, momentary, single momentary).

I have no experience with those cheap chinese devices but I think it’s totally worth it to pay the extra money for fibaro - they are reliable, even blinds positioning works perfectly without any other sensors. I try to avoid buying any cheap chinese electronic that is connected to mains power, especially something like this which is connected 24/7.

The only problem is that it’s massive pain to fit them under existing switches unless your wall boxes are huge.

The fibaro seem to be the most popular choice. The problem is that I will need 16 of them, so the price difference to the chinese ones adds up. Well, maybe I will order one of each first and try them out before committing.

What is causing my headache with the switches is that I do not know what happens in this case: I press the button for up, and it stays in that position (whats the term you used, toggle?). So basically it stays activated. What happens now if the rollershutter is triggered to go down by some rule? Does it move at all? Does it go back up again as soon as it has reached the position defined by the rule?

Just tried it - if i keep the open button toggled, the rollershutter opens, but the fibaro actually disconnects the motor after 1s after it stops moving (can be configured). I can then control the blinds from openhab without problem even if the switch remains pressed.

Thank you very much. That means I do not need to change the switches I already have in the house. Very nice.
I have just ordered one of those Haozee devices and will try it out. The delivery will take some time, I will use that to buy the rest of the necessary hardware and set up openhab.