Zwave rollershutter display state

i have a problem with my rollershutter (Fibaro and Duwi).
They work fine but they are always reported as inverted: when i closed one it works fine but the display shows it as open…

how can i change this ?
here is my items

Group   gVolets "Volets"        <rollershutter>
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gSwitchGlobalVolet    (gVolets) ["iss:room:Maison", "iss:type:DevSwitch"]
//Group:Rollershutter:OR(UP, DOWN, STOP) gVolets "Volets [(%d)]" <rollershutter> (gEG)

Rollershutter   BaieVitree "Baie Vitrée" <rollershutter> (gVolets)      { channel="zwave:device:207958e9:node15:blinds_control" }
Switch  BaieVitree_Switch       "Baie Vitrée" (gSwitchGlobalVolet)      ["iss:room:SAM", "iss:type:DevSwitch"]  { channel="zwave:device:207958e9:node15:switch_binary" }

Switch V_Salon_Sud_Switch "Salon Sud" (gVolets,gSwitchGlobalVolet)      ["iss:room:Salon", "iss:type:DevSwitch"]        { channel="zwave:device:207958e9:node4:switch_binary" }
Rollershutter V_Salon_Sud "Salon Sud" (gVolets) { channel="zwave:device:207958e9:node4:blinds_control" }
Switch V_Amis_Est_Switch "Chambre amis Est" (gVolets,gSwitchGlobalVolet)        ["iss:room:ChAmis", "iss:type:DevSwitch"]       { channel="zwave:device:207958e9:node5:switch_binary" }
Rollershutter V_Amis_Est "Chambre amis Est" (gVolets) { channel="zwave:device:207958e9:node5:blinds_control" }

Rollershutter V_Salon_Est "Salon Est" <rollershutter> (gVolets) { channel="zwave:device:207958e9:node6:blinds_control" }
Switch  V_Salon_Est_Switch "Salon Est" (gSwitchGlobalVolet)     ["iss:room:Salon", "iss:type:DevSwitch"]        { channel="zwave:device:207958e9:node6:switch_binary" }

Thanks in advance !

Go to HABmin or PaperUI, select your rollershutter “Thing”, go to the linked channel, select “Invert percentage value” to the opposite.



Thanks ! i will try asap :slight_smile: