ZWAVE routing not correct


I’m using openhaibian latest stable built with an Aeontec Z-Wave Stick. I’ve bought a new component to switch something in the garden but unfortunately it is shown offline because it tries to communicate directly to the Wave stick which is in the cellar. But in between half way there is a switch (power and repeater capable) which should help in communication.image|649x196
The picture shows how it should communicate (see arrow). Is there any way I can force this?

ZWave routing is not controlled by the binding - it’s all handled within the ZWave controller. It will find the best route through the network.

I’ve read this but how can i ‚help‘? The switch is offline now for several days. Is it because I set it up initially nearer to the stick and then moved it outside? Need to get this working!

There are devices out there which needs to be included at their final location. Check your device manual.