ZWave Security Class?

I went and tried again tonight to see if I could get my Kwikset 916 Lock working with OH2, but still couldn’t get it work. Thus want to check back and see if anyone has had any success with any lock in OH2. Is the Security Class available yet?

What I tried to tonight. Getting the latest OH2 from cloudbees. Installing the Zwave binding via PaperUI, and then adding the Habmin Jar file manually to the addons directory.

Habmin will pair the lock and show it as the KwikSet914TRL Lock, and I see this device/lock is the only Kwikset lock currently in the database device list. But what also seems strange is that although Habmin is showing this as the 914TRL lock as Node5, I do not see an xml file being created in the /userdata/zwave folder. All that I see their is the Node1 controller (Aeon ZStick Gen5)

So I’m not even sure how to provide any xml data for the 916 lock in when it seems OH2 and Habmin is not creating the xml file?

Currently the security classes aren’t working. I’m trying to get the transaction refactoring merged, and once that is merged into master I’ll take a look at the security classes.

Thanks Chris,

Just want to make sure i wasn’t missing something. But should it have made the xml file for the that node? It seemed strange Habmin showed the Node (ie, Node5) but there was no xml file for it?

HABmin will show the device once it’s included, but the XML file is only generated once the initialisation is completed which probably doesn’t happen at the moment with secure devices. So, this sounds correct.