Zwave Sensors

I’m close to having most of my light switches and/or lightbulbs all done in my home. So my next step is likely going to be in adding in some sensors through out the home.

Does anyone have any preferred or recommended sensors they like for Temperate, Motion, door contacts, etc? I know about the Aeotec multi-sensor and perhaps that is the best approach. Or do you think its better to have separate devices/sensors for each?

I think also, I would possibly prefer battery only sensor for better ability to place and position at my choosing vs relying on any external power supplies.

Thanks for any thoughts and feedback.

I have one Fibaro Motion Sensor at home and it is performing really well, but in the future i would take the Aeonlabs Multisensor, because you can run it on USB Power and also you can mount it directly into your wall or your ceiling with the Aeonlabs “Recessor”.

If you have any further questions about the Fibaro MotionSensor, feel free to ask!



I have the Aeon Labs 6in1 and the Philio 4in1 (PHI_PST02-1A: Door, Light, Movement, Temperature).
The Philio is the best sensor I have. No quirks, good implementation, appealing, good software/configuration values and low battery consumption!!
I can highly recommend it - way better than 6in1!

The 6in1 does currently not report UV Values and does not perform nearly as good when battery powered (even though it uses 2 batterys instead of one)

The Aeotec Multisensor 6 works OK for me, but I’d check out the competition before it. Whilst I’ve got it working acceptably now, there were some quirks:

  1. The first sensor I got had an issue with the temperature sensor - when polling at about 10 second blocks, it would change every 50 / 60 seconds to +/- 2 degrees C. The second one I swapped for is better, but I get a feeling that these sensors weren’t meant to be polled that frequently because I still saw a smaller variance of about 1 degree C over a longer period of time - maybe 3-5 minutes.

  2. The humidity and temperature was off by quite a bit. I had to add in a config value, but after that it works quite well. I was measuring against a cheap hygrometer I had which I was relying on because it reported the same as my thermostat. The Sensor was off by about 9% in Humidity and 2-3 degrees C in temperature.

  3. I have never got a reading from the UV - I don’t know if it’s just because of this binding? I can’t find any further information on this online.

On the other hand, it is on the cheaper side, certainly when compared to the Philio and Fibaro at the moment, and it does the job for me so I can’t complain much about these issues. I’m running it on USB power btw - I prefer to be able to poll data whenever I want and also to increase the reporting frequency.

I have the Aeotec Multisensor and if I could go back in time I would chose another brand. My issues are similar to dayoyo’s but I have another one.

  1. The temperature and humidity sensors are not calibrated and you will need to adjust their calibrations settings in Habmin (depending on your version of Openhab you may need to get the zw100-a.xml file from the Z-Wave 1.9.0-snapshot.jar. My temperature sensor was out 4 degrees and the humidity sensor was out 20%.
  2. The motion sensor is flakey, giving many false alarms. I have mine pointing to my driveway (with USB power) with the PIR setting to medium. I get alerts when trucks pass 50’ from my house but no alerts when people walk by on the sidewalk (which is closer). I suspect the issue may be related to the vibrations sensor and there is no way to disable it or even disable reporting of vibration events (which seem to come as motion events).

I really don’t understand why some people are (or think they are?) getting vibration events as motion events. Mine are completely separate, although I don’t bother with the vibration events as I was getting lots of false positives.