Zwave serial port path


I’m using OpenHab 2.4 on RPI 3b (Openhabian). I want to configure my aeon zstick zwave serial controller to point to “/dev/serial/by-id/xxx” path. The reason is that I have couple of usb serial devices and I don’t want them to accidentally switch over. Currently I have my zwave controller configured in Paper UI. In Paper UI there is only showing devices like /dev/ttyACM0 and there is no possibility to enter other paths. Is there a possibility to configure zwave controller in different way so i could enter my zstick path by hand ?

@chris do you know of any other options?
By the way, 2.4 is over a year old. 2.5 is the new stable release.

Yeah, I should upgrade my openhab. So if 2.5 brings something regarding my question I would also like to know that :slight_smile:

I am not aware of anything. If you have restdocs installed, uninstall and reinstall after upgrading. The path of the addon changed.




In theory you could enter this via the REST API, but that’s not super easy. You could also edit the json database directly. Or, you could use 2.5 of the ZWave binding which I think will allow free entry.

setting EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS works. Thanks.

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Please tick the solution, thanks

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